About Us

At London Rag, our team of designers, clothiers, stylists and craftsmen ensures to serve the finest merchandise. We believe quality lies in the details - comfort, fit and style of clothing, accessories and shoes. Thus, we ensure every product goes through rigorous quality test and assessments before they are delivered to your door-step.

We take great pride in our work and ensure that every LONDON RAG garment, shoe and accessory conforms with legendary standards of British craftsmanship. Our design philosophy is rooted in two unique principles of  style and inclusion. This means that we design our products to flatter and stand out on every girl. We, as a brand believe that fashion ought to be empowering to all. Our design philosophy is rooted in principles of inclusion - we design our products to flatter and stand out on every body type, silhouette and shape.

Customer Commitments
We offer free shipping all over India and provide shipping at your doorstep to and from an address in an isolated or remote location. We provide quick delivery and easy returns. You can contact us for any queries or doubts, we will be glad to help you. Reach out on Whatsapp or just drop us a mail and we would be there to assist you in finding the product that suits you. What’s more – we can get you special discounts for special days!

We invite you to join us in a journey, a journey unlike any other. A journey to the heart of inclusive fashion where every girl irrespective of their height, shape, skin colour and ethnicity is beautiful, valued and deserves to feel fashionable and pampered. We are LONDON RAG, and we will always be your one stop, fashion destination.

London Rag is more than just a women’s fashion brand. It is an attitude, an expression of what fashion ought to be. The brand was founded in the basement near Old Street London and has always aspired to provide the masses (and classes alike) with quality products. The old adage of ‘Quality never goes out of style,” is one of the brand’s founding tenets and is reflected in every piece of merchandise we produce.