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Is less really more? A glimpse into minimalist styling


Opens wardrobe. Thinks to yourself, “I have nothing to wear” - Here are the two reasons why you could think this way – (1) You have way too many clothes, making it difficult to build an outfit, or (2) You actually have good pieces but you’re not in a particular mood to wear it. Minimalist styling is one of many ways you can fix your daily dilemma of choosing what to wear.

STEP 1 – Declutter

The point of decluttering is to understand what you truly wear regularly and makes you happy. Begin by categorizing your clothes into two piles – “to keep” and “to donate/sell”. Make sure to allocate a big part of your day to declutter, you may think you can manage all your clothes but saying bye to them will be hard. This is probably the most time-consuming and heartbreaking part of the process – but it’s worth it, trust us.

STEP 2 – Map out your accessories

Even with a small collection of accessories, you shouldn’t miss this step. Spreading out what you can accessorize your outfits with opens your eyes to different ways of styling. This step can also what other styles you haven’t tried, we’re sure there are some items you have your eyes on but haven’t bought – now is your chance! Accessories can help make your outfit look delicate or elevate it to a whole new level – the choice is yours.

STEP 3 – Be selective

Make your basics into essentials. The key to minimalist styling is staying true consistent to three colors, which are usually a combination of any of these - navy, beige, black, white and nude (feel free to drop a pop of color as well). By doing this, you’re changing how you look at your seemingly boring basic tops and bottoms. Dialing back on colors also helps you navigate around different silhouettes and fits. Being minimal in your clothes allows you to experiment and discover new ways to be fashionable.

Whether or not you’ve gone completely minimalistic or you’ve started to declutter your wardrobe bit by bit, the purpose of minimal outlook on life and in style is to find pieces that spark joy, have purpose and are versatile.

Don’t think you have the essentials you need, here are some items you might like!

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Blog 4 Graphic 1_01

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Is less really more? A glimpse into minimalist styling