How To Wear An Oversized Coat

Oversized coats are picking up pace in the fashion industry. People have made the best out of this outfit in multiple way of styling them. They have created a lovely bracket of casual oversized coat styling and a very formal one two. The other articles that you match with your oversized coat changes the overall look of it. The beauty of oversized coat is that it can swing both ways, formal and casual.


Pick the look you want to go with and then decide how and with what you are going to match it. Below is a mix and match famous styles that people picked up/matched up on the go.

Belt it up

The material of the coat decides a lot about the approach you going to take to doll up yourself. Some top styles are:
-Trench Coat
-Puffer Coat
-Fur Coat
-Faux Fur Coat
-Wool Coat
-Polyester Coat
Just to name a few.

The belt will give the entire look elite feel. You can match them with a pretty summer dress and boots or have a formal trouser and a shirt in with mules below. This style is coming up the charts quicker than we imagined.


Mini Inside oversized coat outside

Match your oversized puffer/fur with pleated mini skirt or mini shorts to make the coat a star. You need to keep in mind the casual look of the attire will make this winter more appealing. You can add the calf or knee length boots to edge the look with some sexiness.

Play it cool

Keep it simple is the best mantra if you not the experimental types. You pick up your daily wear and add the right color oversized coat to it and bam you just leveled up your outfit. Now it is not a simple, boring regular daywear but a style diva wear.

Contrast it out

Wear match color inside and throw on a contrast-oversized coat on. This spur of color would make your day, and even others. They won’t be able to miss your fashion attire. It’s a great wear for a dull Monday.

Boyfriend T shirt

This is yet another I don’t care outfit, which is picking up even at clubs and bars. Wear an oversized t-shirt inside and a loud color or printed oversized fur coat on top. Now picture yourself with a hot coffee cup or a cold beer and this cozy outfit, isn’t it the most comfortable thought.

Try one of these styles and leave your view or picture in the below section. We would love to know what do you think about the same.

Never stop experimenting