5 Underrated Indian Must-Follow Fashion Influencers For Every Aesthetic

5 Underrated Indian Must-Follow Fashion Influencers For Every Aesthetic

In recent years, the Indian fashion scene has been buzzing with trends, thanks to the exploding 'gram culture that's winning hearts all over the country. From the lively streets of Mumbai and the colourful lanes of Delhi to fashion influencers from the northeast, there's a fresh wave of style, mixing global trends with our own desi flavours. Leading the change are some super cool, must-follow fashion influencers who are totally shaking up the fashion game in India.

These fashion influencers are all about contemporary culture, effortlessly blending traditional outfits with modern cuts and international street-style vibes. The social media feeds of these fashion influencers for every aesthetic are an absolute assortment of creativity, where there's no limit to what they can do, where experimenting is the norm, and where being yourself is the ultimate goal. Each post and every outfit by these influencers with unique styles is the epitome of breaking boundaries and setting #fashiongoals.

If you're looking for inspiration, these top fashion influencers are the ones to watch. They're not just the best fashion influencers in India; they're redefining what it means to be stylish and prolific in the Instagram world.

1. Ikisvon Jamang: Ikisvon

Ikisvon Jamong, an aspiring model from Ukhrul, Manipur, known for her bold takes on feminity and outfit ideas, deserves a spot on this list of the top fashion influencers. With a journey far from easy, Ikisvon has been making waves on Instagram with her content creation game today.

As one of the most popular fashion influencers, Ikisvon boasts an aesthetic 'gram feed featuring an interesting mix of supremely trendy and doable fashion and beauty tips and some introspecting quotes. This must-follow fashion influencer has style rooted in her, blending it well with street-style aesthetics and edgy modern elements. By creatively representing her community on the fashion front, Ikisvon stands true to her stature as an original in the online world of faux filters and fillers.

2. Gayathri Mohan: Gayu

Introducing the new-gen Instagram favourite Gayu, aka Gayathri Mohan, a shining example of one of the most popular fashion influencers! With a tantalizing charisma and an unapologetic, unique fashion sense, Gayu shares some fresh and sizzling fashion content on Instagram, delivering hot tea to her followers every day.

Gayu, one of our best fashion influencers, shares fresh takes on how to rock an outfit confidently you've been dying to wear but couldn't figure out how to do it. On her Instagram, you can spot Gayathri sporting extraterrestrial makeup looks and styling hacks with oversized tees and blazers. With Gayu leading the underrated fashion influencer list, it's time to inject some taste into your aesthetic too.

3. Pooja Mundhra: thecozyvibe

Pooja Mundhra, known as "thecozyvibe" to many, is one of the top fashion influencers with unique styles, which has revamped the idea of an outfit for most of us. The Cozy Vibe has 40k+ subscribers on YouTube, where she shares some incredibly amusing fashion tips and inspirations. Mundhra has been in the fashion business since 2016, and her multiple successful collaborations with various brands make her a popular fashion influencer.

Following Mundhra on Instagram feels like dipping your toes into a sea of travel tips, beauty hacks, and fashion choices. Thecozyvibe's visually pleasing social media game is all about going the extra mile to provide quality content for her 600k+ followers, establishing her spot on the best fashion influencer list.

4. Misimi Kashyap: dontmisimi

Misimi Kashyap, a popular fashion influencer from Assam now settled in Mumbai, has a social media game that's second to none! Kashyap goes by the name "dontmisimi" and has over 5.8k subscribers on her engaging and trending YouTube channel. Her Instagram brims with exciting travel destination picturesque and girl-next-door chic fashion inspos, making her a must-follow.

Kashyap is one of those influencers with unique styles that catch every bit of attention, thanks to her unapologetic personality and cute, girly vibes. Having collaborated with several fashion brands and created visually stunning content, dontmisimi stands out as a fashion influencer for every aesthetic.

5. Sukhmani Gambhir: sukhmanigambhir

Sukhmani Gambhir, who started as an assistant stylist and costume designer, is one of those popular fashion influencers who stands out with her doable fashion tips. In an online world of undoable and unrealistic fashion looks, Gambhir is a girl-next-door who has been relatable ever since she first debuted in the content world.

Sukhmani, one of the best fashion influencers in India, often shares insightful fashion tips, irresistible travel destinations, and beauty hacks that most women on Instagram can relate to! With over 700k+ followers on the gram, Gambhir is one such content creator who makes fashion all the worthwhile!

Why do you need to follow these top fashion influencers?

Each influencer on this list brings a unique perspective and style, whether it's Ikisvon Jamong's bold and edgy takes on femininity, Gayathri Mohan's unapologetic fashion sense, Pooja Mundhra's blend of travel, beauty, and fashion, Misimi's charming girl-next-door aesthetics, or Sukhmani Gambhir's impeccable fashion sense. By following these influencers, you'll not only stay updated with the latest trends but also gain insights into how to blend traditional and modern styles, experiment fearlessly with your wardrobe, and express your individuality.