The Summer Essentials To Look As Hot As The Temp

The Summer Essentials To Look As Hot As The Temp

There’s no time to chill because summer’s just around the corner! And with summer comes revamping a wardrobe, which is without a doubt the most exciting part of the season. To make your transition from spring to summer in your ensembles, we’re here with a guide with the summer essentials that will make sure you’re looking and feeling your best. Now, most of these pieces are classics and can be easily interchanged in varied seasons too which makes this an easier process altogether.

Depending on your preferences, you could mix and match the hot day essentials below with varied colours, patterns, and textures. The summer staples can also be styled and elevated in other seasons, making them ideal to add to your capsule wardrobe. After all, it’s all about having fun with the styling and feeling the sunshine within! Now, with no small talk, let’s dive into this year's hot weather essentials!

Denim Jeans

These best summer essentials include a summer staple that can also be styled the year around. Denim jeans are like the holy grail of fashion. You can’t not have a pair of good fit denim jeans in your closet. And they’re definitely one of the summer essentials with their versatility!

Tank Top

Easy breezy and light, tank tops are timeless casuals that can be worked into many outfits. You could never go wrong while styling a tank top, especially a basic white tank that can be paired with literally any bottom and would look chic regardless. A Parisian favourite, tank tops are a must-have, especially in your summer wardrobe.

Poplin Shirt

Poplin shirts gained popularity last year with their fun yet chic silhouette, and the striped Poplin shirts are probably saved on everyone’s Pinterest board. A poplin shirt can be styled multiple ways and every way is sure to look chic. Pair it with trousers for a formal look, shorts for a summer look, and denim jeans or a mini skirt for a casual brunch, the possibilities are endless.

Midi dress

Modest and elegant, midi dresses have a romantic flair to them which is alluring. They’re also perfect for a summer getaway and can be dressed up and down to your liking. Our midi dresses come in varied styles and look perfect paired with London Rag summer flats.

White Shirt

The most versatile piece anyone could ever own, a white shirt is a game changer if you know how to style it in varied ways. White shirts are perfect for layering but also make quite a statement when paired with fun bottoms like our rhinestones embellished shorts for a glam yet chic look.

Linen Pants

A summer must-have, linen pants give a boho breezy chic look and are also comfortable to wear, perfect for the hot weather. Linen pants are also easy to style with tank tops or shirts and even some pretty blouses. Their rugged look gives them a relaxed and casual feel that is comforting.

Flared Trousers

People cannot get enough of the flared style, and you could never go wrong with some flared pants. The flair of flared pants is sophisticated yet fashionable with a subtle yet distinctive silhouette that accentuates the whole ensemble.


Bodysuits have been all the rage lately and rightfully so. The body-hugging silhouette with exaggerated pants is an iconic summer fit and one of the hot girl essentials! Pair it with some flats or sneakers from London Rag and you’ve got a cool and casual fit!

Denim Shorts

Is it even summer if your denim shorts aren’t out? Denim shorts are a summer staple that you can’t possibly miss out on. And with the varied silhouettes and designs available on London Rag, there’s a perfect pair for everyone!

White Sneakers

Who doesn’t own a pair of white sneakers at this point? Easy, versatile, and timeless, white sneakers can be styled with literally anything! Chunky, embellished, basic canvas, or even leather, and white sneakers are sure to make a stylish statement. Check out our sneakers collection on!

Slip On Sandals

Slip ons and summer just go hand in hand and our varied collection has a pair for every occasion. From rhinestones, diamante, and pearls embellished to bow-detailed ballet flats that have been a major trend lately, there’s plenty to choose from.

Statement Sunglasses

Slim glasses are still all the rage, and we can’t deny that they do make quite a dashing statement! Fun, quirky, and ready to get you in the sunny mood! Grab some now only on!