The Art of Accessorising Indian Outfits: Statement Jewellery, Handbags, & Footwear

The Art of Accessorising Indian Outfits: Statement Jewellery, Handbags, & Footwear

Most of India is deeply driven by fashion, consisting of a rainbow of colours, textures, and prints. From handbags and footwear to stunning statement jewellery, Indians absolutely love dressing up! While Indian fashion wardrobes often overflow with eclectic clothing and the best handbags for women, putting them together can get daunting. Let's explore how footwear, statement jewellery, and handbags can transform your ensemble from beautiful to breathtaking.

Setting the Stage With Statement Jewellery

When you wear an Indian outfit—from a gorgeous lehenga to an elegant saree, some bold and ornate embellishments like statement necklaces can be the best focal point. Bold necklaces, elaborate earrings, and intricate bangles can simply upgrade an Indian outfit into a work of art.

Here's how to choose and buy statement necklace jewellery or statement jewellery in general to best complement your Indian outfits.

  • Match the metals with the outfit: Kundan or gold statement jewellery is a classic pairing for stunning sarees or embellished lehengas, for a contemporary look for minimal outfits, silver or oxidised statement necklaces in India work great.

  • Clutch on Colour Combinations: It's great how Indians love colours. A traditional Indian outfit boasts vibrant hues or contrasting gemstones, making pairing statement jewellery in India quite interesting. For those who love a bit of a monochromatic vibe, buy statement necklace jewellery that best complements the attire.

  • Balancing is the Key: Always keep proportions in mind. Pick colours that won't tone down your Indian outfit but enhance it. Also, you don't want your statement necklaces to overpower the earrings, so keep them simpler. Think: Elaborate earrings can complement a delicate pendant.

Finding the Right Handbags for Women

A well-picked handbag is so much more than just a container to store your essentials. It's all about extending the look of your Indian attire. Here are some tips for picking the best leather handbags for women to complement women's footwear or statement jewellery best.

  • Functionality Does Matter: Pick the best handbags for women that efficiently suit the occasion. Think of a small potli bag or a clutch for an Indian wedding reception outfit. Or, a spacious tote bag or sling bag for Indo-western attire.

  • Material Magic: Certain handbag materials work wonders when it comes to complementing an Indian outfit, like a lehenga or saree. Imagine a silk or brocade handbag for women—their luxurious textures instantly enrich your attire. And for the ethically conscious fashionista, vegan leather handbags for women are great to buy, embellished with intricate detailing like rhinestones or brooches. These little extras can take your outfit from beautiful to breathtaking.

Footwear for Women: Completing the Indian Oufit in Style

The right footwear can truly be the finishing touch on your stunning Indian outfit. Every woman knows the importance of finding the perfect pair of shoes, and when it comes to traditional attire, comfort and style go hand-in-hand. Plus, for a bride, footwear can take centre stage. Choose the best bridal footwear from London Rag, like the ones made from brocade or silk and delicately embellished with pearls, stones, or gold. Here's how to find the best footwear for women:

  • Stilettos For The Win: Stilettos make for a woman's best friend when paired with a lehenga, saree, or even Anarkali suit. Think stilettos from London Rag, like the embellished or metallic finished ones.

  • Mules & Their Comfort: Women's footwear, like mules, has stood the test of time for the longest time. Fortunately, London Rag's bridal footwear comes with intricate detailing like rhinestones and diamante and comes in great colours and styles.

Remember, accessorising is all about going out and expressing your personal taste. Feel free to experiment and create unique combinations. With these tips and some creativity, you can accessorise your Indian outfits best with footwear, handbags, and statement jewellery.