Must-Have Winter Trends This 2023

Must-Have Winter Trends This 2023

Winter. Is. Coming. We know, quite a cliche, but also a fact. Winter’s just around the corner, and we believe it’s always better to be prepared. Because doesn’t dressing up just make everything better? Especially with the holidays, and all the new layering trends and intriguing color palettes that we witnessed on the runways and the influencers have been donning.

The 2023 winter fashion trends are definitely a fresh look with the touch of popping cherry red hue that has the fashion girlies wholesome love. The trench coats are puffier than ever with Kylie Jenner’s new Khy launch and all things corsets still have us in a chokehold. This Fall/Winter has been like never before because there have also been some intriguing bright shades that have survived to see the new season. Vibrant bright accent tones have been a rampant rage this year and continue to be so, and it’s intriguing to see their addition in the layering fashion of fall and winter.

Below are some London Rag must-have cozy outerwear and layering essentials that are sure to change your fashion game and elevate it this winter 2023!

This winter isn’t meant to be boring! Minimal yes, but there’s so much you can do with minimalist outfits during winter with just some accentuating pieces that will amplify it subtly while still making a distinctive impression. The biker jacket can also be dressed up and down such as with a casual t-shirt and jeans or even a slip dress to add some edge to a rather elegant ensemble. The amalgamation of aesthetics is sure to turn some heads your way. You can also check out our boots collection to add some interesting accessories to your outfits!

The green cropped sweatshirt is an amalgamation of comfort and chic, with a modern cut that will accentuate high waist bottoms. The pop of color is sure to amplify your fall wardrobe with its vibrant shade. Its relaxed fit and short length create a subtly exaggerated and cozy silhouette, perfect for casual outings or just lounging. Style it with our collection of high-waisted pants or skirts for a flattering look, or layer it over a collared shirt to add a touch of sophistication with the layering element. You can always take the cozy outerwear and pair it with some leggings for your workout. Accessorize with some minimalist gold jewelry and one of our sling bags, and pair with sneakers for an easy, go-to outfit or chunky boots or mules for a more sophisticated and polished ensemble. With its versatility, the cropped sweatshirt is a go-to piece for year-round, stylish fits.

Trench coats are the “it” accessory this season with their elongated silhouette that exhibits a polished and sharp look. Adding a luxurious amplification to this trend, our long teddy coat is an absolute must-have! The exaggerated collar and puffy feel of the faux fur is giving a ‘vintage inspired’ aesthetic that the girls have been leaning towards, taking inspiration from Sofia Richie and the puffer jackets by Kylie Jenner. Just like the red shoes and accents, the fur and faux fur coats are a rampant rage in the winter fashion trends. The coat can be paired with one of our popular trousers or even some jeans for a more casual, Parisian chic ensemble. The coat is also great for a transition fit that would look great be it day or night and makes a great fall wardrobe essential!

We all know that this year’s winter fashion trends would be incomplete without the red addition. A popping red piece of clothing or accessories can definitely change the whole game of your ensemble. Especially this faux leather jacket with the perfect cherry red shade that is sure to elevate any basic or minimal outfit with its vibrant and sexy hue. The short jacket is flattering and can be paired with dresses, a cute shirt, and some skirts too. If you’re really into the red shade trend, the matching skirt with it is also a must-have. We also believe the red trend is going to be here for a while, and red with its versatile and bold nature can never be out of trend as well which makes the jacket a rather smart investment too.

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