Late Summer Style Moments with London Rag

lLate Summer Style Moments with London Rag

Dressing up is like entertainment, for yourself and others. It’s the first impression that speaks of your personality and mood. It is a way of communication without words. Today, we see fast fashion trends and many different aesthetics that have evolved through the years. This gives us many options to choose from the current trends regarding outfit inspiration. Now, we believe options are great when it comes to styling outfits, but it definitely gets frustrating to do so every day, especially if you’re a late riser and have to always rush out the door last minute. Or you are just lazy to put together outfits. To ease your stress, London Rag is here to give you some styling outfits and fashion inspiration. Below are some of the London Rag outfits that can help you decide yours! You can also shop them to revamp your wardrobe.

Late Summer Style Moments with London Rag1
All things colorful and cool:

A fun play with colors and prints here. This is a subtle take on the print-on-print and color-block trend. The leopard print of the top and the soft sage checkered print on the pants balance each other well with their subtleness. The white heels add a bit of structure to the whole outfit and bring it all together well. The whole fit is casual, fun, and light, perfect for a summer day out!

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Late Summer Style Moments with London Rag2
Soft business look:

Work wear sometimes can get boring with the sharp structured fits of trousers, shirts, and blazers. To make your mornings and work time easy and light so you can focus on your work, we bring you this fit, a simple fitted short top paired with some fitted cotton trousers that hug you just right. The fancy loafers with diamante rings detail and croc texture add a bit of warmth and excitement to the whole outfit. You can add a nice beige cotton blazer on top if you prefer, and voila!

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Late Summer Style Moments with London Rag3
Flare and fun:

You can never go wrong with a midi dress, especially this one with dual tone checkered print. The dress has ruched detail on the chest which fits the upper body well and the light flare gives it an easy breezy vibe. To add a bit of fun, the sneakers are light plain white with a gold accent at the back, are contrasting but go well with the ensemble. The fit is perfect for a lunch date or a casual outing.

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Late Summer Style Moments with London Rag4
Classy and sassy:

The bodycon dress is a steal with the ruched and ruffles detail. The subtle color makes it look elegant and luxurious. Paired with the beautiful beige stiletto pumps with gorgeous pearl bows, the fit looks like a million dollars. The fit is light but rich and alluring, perfect for a cocktail outing or even a summer wedding.

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Late Summer Style Moments with London Rag5
Strap up for this look:

The strappy cropped shirt is absolutely stunning with the self-tie-up detail and gathers on the chest area. The top is simply beautiful and paired with the black flared pants, lets it shine. The chunky loafers pair well with the whole sharp structured outfit. The fit is great for a fancy outing with friends and family.

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Late Summer Style Moments with London Rag6
Back to black:

You can never fail to make a statement wearing an all-black outfit. And this one is a full rock but still casual fit that is sure to make you feel relaxed but also bold and powerful. The graffiti t-shirt is oversized and the faux leather shorts with slits exhibit a sense of funk and striking quality. The lace-up collared boots are chunky and sexy and pair well with the faux leather shorts and an oversized t-shirt. Altogether, the fit is sexy, relaxed, and bold, perfect for a casual outing or even a night out!

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