10 Times Bollywood Celebrities Nailed The London Rag Footwear And Left Us Speechless!

10 Times Bollywood Celebrities Nailed The London Rag Footwear And Left Us Speechless!

Thanks to Instagram and OTT platforms, London Rag shoes have reached most stylists' racks, and today, we're here to show you why! Our favourite Bollywood celebrities—the आन, बान and शान of India, have mastered the art of fashion styling, and their Instagram feeds are a treat to their millions of followers. (Plus one). From street-style boots to high-fashion heels, these Bollywood celebrities are why we understand fashion in India today, as they set trends like nobody else! Get ready to join us as we unveil the secrets of these modern-day muses who inspire millions with their style choices, fashion trends, and, of course, their London Rag footwear!

1. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty Kundra, a name synonymous with fun, beauty, and entertainment, deserves to be among the first Bollywood celebrities on London Rag India's list. The evergreen Shetty often embraces fashion trends that are very much in vogue. As usual, she leaves no stone unturned in turning heads, and her 32 million followers will surely agree. Feast your eyes on Shilpa sporting a unique striped dress, paired perfectly with London Rag burgundy micro suede boots. Super se bahot upar!

2. Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon, popularly known as the heartthrob of every man (and woman) in India, is the epitome of regality. This Bollywood celebrity needs no introduction, as she continues to prove every day that there is, and will always be, only one Raveena Tandon. Thankfully. With an impeccable sense of style, she is often hailed as a fashion influencer, and who can argue with that? Here, Tandon is seen flaunting a stunning black dress paired with an embroidered blazer and black lace-up London Rag footwear.

3. Anshula Kapoor

The very sweet yet outspoken when it comes to expressing herself is Anshula Kapoor. This Bollywood celebrity is refreshingly unfiltered and is a total knockout when it comes to fashion inspiration. Anshula often opts for a minimalistic style, as seen here, where she pairs casual denim with a yellow blazer, perfectly complemented by London Rag footwear. Kapoor chose our yellow triangular lace-up sandals, making a bold and stylish statement. Kudos to her!

4. Taapsee Pannu

One Bollywood celebrity who stands out for being fearless is Taapsee Pannu. Pannu, an actor who's made her mark in the industry, knows fashion. And she knows it right. London Rag India is somebody we've liked for all her fashion choices over the years. Taapsee is seen sporting a stunning updo with an elegant saree paired with our classic black slingback sandals. The way Taapsee carries herself, we believe no other Bollywood celebrity can match!

5. Shriya Pilgaonkar

Shriya Pilgaonkar, a well-known Bollywood celebrity who was last seen in the popular series "The Broken News," has now joined the ranks of London Rag celebrities. Pilgaonkar is admired for her beauty and has a large fan following who eagerly await her acting and fashion inspiration. And why wouldn't they? She's beautiful, has a relatable personality, and sets some serious fashion trends. Shriya is our all-time favourite to style. Watch her showcase her style in a crisp white shirt paired with chic accessories, London Rag India footwear—our platform ankle boots.

6. Jennifer Winget

Of course, how could we forget to add one of the country's hot favourite Bollywood celebrities, Jennifer Winget, to the list of best-dressed London Rag celebrities? We are and always have been in dire love with the 'Beyhadh' actress and for all the right reasons. With a strong Instagram fanbase of 17.4 million, Winget knows no bounds when it comes to fashion trends. Seen wearing a beautiful Indo-western outfit with our cushion-collared biker boots featuring a yellow hint to the base, we're in absolute awe right now. BRB.

7. Shakti Mohan

Being one of the most popular Bollywood celebrities we have, Shakti Mohan is one such fashion influencer who's made her mark in the industry on her terms. Shakti, a professional dancer, has time and again chosen London Rag India's footwear to complete her outfit. Apart from a very engaging social media game, she knows how to dress right. Here, she is seen in a very fun yet bold backless dress, elegantly paired with our white-heeled boots featuring a black platform. If you've admired her for her dance skills, it's time you take some serious fashion inspiration, too. If you admire her for her dance skills, it's also time to draw some serious fashion inspiration from her.

8. Ishita Dutta Sheth

Popularly known for her role in the movie Drishyam, Ishita Dutta Sheth is as gorgeous as one can get. Being one of the most talented Bollywood celebrities we have, Dutta ensures she's always on top of her game when it comes to fashion. Her Instagram feed is full of inspiring fashion trends, and one such look that caught our attention was when Dutta wore a one-sided fresh floral dress and paired it with London Rag footwear, our popular white lace-up sandals! Kudos to you.

9. Kayan

Known for her personality, that's enough to grab all the eyeballs in the room; Ambika Nayak, aka Kayan, is all things hot, bold, and beautiful. Being one of the super favourite London Rag India celebrities, she had to be on this list. "With great power comes great responsibility", it is said, and Kayan, in all her glory, can be seen conquering the stage whenever she chooses London Rag footwear. Sporting a not-so-casual tube top and a skirt, further accessorised with a scarf, Nayak chose to complete the look with our signature black calf boots.

10. Maanvi Gagroo

Maanvi Gagroo may have contributed to the OTT in ways more than one, (Four More Shots Please!, here's looking at you). Of course, she's a great actor, and most of us may have seen her growing up, but today, she's on this list for a special reason. Seen in a black blouse and bold orange bottoms, she is one of those London Rag influencers who choose comfort time and again, something we relate to. You can spot her wearing London Rag footwear—orange braided tie-up sandals that not only give some serious fashion inspiration but also make us adore her even more!